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Let’s Begin Again.

Let’s begin again.

Blogging was something I did many years ago before I had an iPhone. Before social media. I suppose it was social media in those days. I enjoyed doing it, and it was something that got readers and received comments or emails.

I don’t expect to get any of that now.

I’m sure people are way too busy with their phones to notice my tappings here. But, for myself, I think it would be nice to have a studio journal as a part of the work I am making. I could do that on Instagram—where I seem to be (if at all) these days— but I feel like, there, I have to be all hash-taggy and quick and prolific. I don’t like being rushed to write in an app like that. Writing this way is much more relaxing.

So, I will write these posts as if I was writing to one person, be that this journal, or maybe you? And I’ll do it at my own sweet pace, thank you very much:)

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