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A Daughter’s Request

Yesterday I was brainstorming with my daughters about what sort of things I could make and put in my shop. I’ve only got the two issues of Hooky in there, and the number of items in the shop increases by 1 each year. That’s slow-going.
Tilja went on about how I could put my doodles on all sorts of products, and thought taking a doodle she recently spied—and merging it with an image I made a few summers ago—would be a good one to start with.

the doodle made long ago

I started this morning by tracing the doodle I had just made, then proceeded to fulfill Tilja’s request. Long-necked Suit-Guy with Ukelele and Puppies. I’ll get to the colour bit later.

Want to see it available in the shop? Leave a comment!

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