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Panel Board.
Your Never-Ending Comics Fair

Do you spend a lot of time bent over your screen surfing the internet, or spending big bucks to attend comic fairs, in order to find new comics, exciting artists and cartoonists from all over the world?

Maybe you are one of those lovely rare beasts who want to show off the cartoons and comics you make to a much wider audience?

This is the place for both of you!


Meet fans! Tell your admirers what you are up to, where to find your work and what you have on offer.

Cartoonists meet other Cartoonists! See who else in the world shares your passion for melding words and pictures in this quirky art form. Connect, share insights and make pals!


Find exciting cartoonists—ranging from the total indie to the frequently published—to get their latest news, follow on their networks or pages and get in touch —or buy— something they make!

Your Panel.
Your Comics Fair Table.


^ This is a PANEL^

Think of your Panel Board profile—your panel— as your virtual Comics Festival Table in the Artist Alley. Only the festival never ends.

Pimp-up your panel with your art. Link to wherever you want your fans to go see your work. And let them find you to connect, follow or buy your wares. That’s it. Simple, eh?


Diagram of editing a panel

Edit your Panel

When you join Panel Board, as an Cartoonist or Fan, you’ll get newsletters with artist-spotlights, notable comic releases and other comics-related-chatter.

Cartoonist—you can even book a classified ad for your comic (or anything else comics-related) in the newsletter—and get thousands of eyes on it!

Check out Panel Board

Panel Board was born of an urge to visit comic festivals throughout the world to discover new and exciting artists, fans and comics— without breaking the bank. Now it has the added urgency considering COVID19 and all the cancelled shows! It’s a simple site, for a simple start at something new. I hope you’ll join me!” —Luke

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