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Apple Pencil Nib Breakdown

I suppose it was inevitable that a pencil stuck to the side of an iPad Pro would eventually fall off and hit the floor, but when it happened— on a Friday, before a Monday deadline— I was still shocked, and very sad.

First, I thought ”How am I going to get anything done for my deadline?!”; then,”Gah! Why is Apple stuff so expensive to replace?!”

Because of Covid-19, I didn’t want to go to the mall to buy a new expensive Apple Pencil (they didn’t have any nibs), so I had to order the nibs from Apple. They would arrive 2 weekdays later (Tuesday). While I waited for the delivery, I had to figure out how to fix what I had so it could at least get me through the weekend to meet my deadline.

I managed to fit the broken nib back in place. It wouldn’t stay put, but the broken edges gave enough grip to unscrew the rest of the nib-still attached to the pencil. It’s the small bit that looks like a collar, below the nib in the photo above. With both bits seperated from the pencil, I glued them back together with crazy-glue (epoxy), waited for it to dry and carefully screwed it back on.

The pencil seemed to work alright in Procreate, but after a while my pencil tool (in Procreate) started misbehaving. The lead grew from small and accurate-to huge and unruly.I could fix it by disconnecting the Apple Pencil from Bluetooth, turning off Bluetooth, then back on again and reconnecting. But the fix would only last for so long.

I assume the problem was that glue hardened inside the nib and and caused some miscommunication with the bronze-stick-thingy of the pencil, or that the bronze-stick-thingy had also been damaged in the drop, and just wasn’t working properly. It works alright for the most part, but having to regulary disconnect and reconnect the Apple Pencil is a pain.

Now I keep it in my pencil case. It hasn’t gotten messed up from the other pens and pencils, yet. Once in a while I’ll snap it back on the iPad, but I always feel a little petrified that it will once again tumble to the hard floor.

I think I’ll cave and cough up the cash for a new one, and use this broken one as a backup. I already have the nibs for that.

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