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Cap’tain Lapin

Last summer Editions Auzou – a publisher of childrens books in France – commissioned me to illustrate a small-toy hero story for them: Capt’ain Lapin.

It’s a cute story of a boy who forgets his lunchbox when he rushes off to school. His stuffed animals all worry about him not having lunch and wonder what to do. The sleepy stuffed rabbit comes to the rescue as his alter-ego: Capt’ain Lapin (Captain Rabbit!).

The kid forgot his fancy lunchbox!
Our Super Hero and the Stuffed Animal Crew
Riding the Dangerous Daschund to the Daycare!

Fun story, filled with cute characters. I had a great time with the backgrounds and coming up with the looks of the stuffed animals—and the kids at daycare.

Fun characters on sleeping pads
I even got to make a little comicbook sequence
Boy comes home happy to see his fave stuffed animal and wonders what he’s been up to.

I actually made a totally different cover for the book, but it got changed just before launch. I hear they even made a stuffed animal of the super hero!

First try at the cover. Ditched.

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