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Dead Sea Squirrels Series

I had the good fortune to get a contract on a book series with Tyndale that ended up being 12 books (so far) —and is in the process of being developed for television (streaming?). I didn’t have anything to do with the tv part, but it is a bit of a thrill to see the characters I have been drawing come to life on a screen. And with life I mean actually moving, and by on a screen I mean not my own.
I have to say, I’m not exactly sure why Mike Nawrocki and the others decided I’d fit the job, but after seeing the trailer for the pilot, I think we do fit quite well. Goofy characters, slapstick antics and a villan in a suit—suit me just fine!;)











Sounds like the tv series got the green ligh! Hope to see it soon:)

Dead Sea Squirrels
Mike Nawrocki
ISBN: 978-1496434982 (Book 1)


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