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Instructions for folding your zine:


01. Print your file as A4 (US Letter) Landscape

Lay it out flat on your table.

Then unfold it.
Then unfold it again

02. Fold it HORIZONTALLY (again).

04. Fold one end towards the center.

04. Fold the other end towards the center.

05. Unfold, lay it flat and fold in half VERTICALLY

06. Cut the zine from right above the Cover (where it says DISPATCH) from the folded edge—half way across, to the center of the paper.

07. Lay it flat. Fold in half HORIZONTALLY

08. Pinch the zine by pushing each end towards the center. The center should pop out to form a diamond shape.

09. Push the end pages into the center, squishing the diamond flat.

10. Fold it.

There you have it! Your Dispatch zine—ready to read.

What’s a Zine?

zine |ziːnnoun informal
a magazine, especially a fanzine.

What you have downloaded is a PDF which is meant to be printed out and folded into a little magazine.

Zines, in the words of my teacher, Kate Bingaman-Burt are:

a cheap form of printed expression. They’re DIY, easy to reproduce, and you don’t need anyone’s permission to get started. The whole point is sharing something YOU care about and YOU want people to know.

Why are you making zine newsletters?

I want to make things.
Things that people can keep for themselves, put on a shelf or in a drawer and pull out now and then. They are personal keepsakes, in a way. I think that is nice.

They aren’t newsletters, are they, Luke?

No, no. Well, my email newsletters are news in the sense that the doodles are new; and they are letters in the way that I send them to you as an email. Mail used to be called “letters,” right?


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