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As a thank you for subscribing (or however you ended up here) I’d like you to have all the zines, some illustrated recipes and a digital preview of my picture book.

I hope you enjoy them! (Make the cookies! Seriously.)

Lukism's recipe for SCONES

Here is an easy-peasy cozy and warm recipe for lazy weekends, tea time, and just about every day during Christmas.

Why not?

Lukism's Chocolate Cookie recipe

This is a recipe that I picked up when I was a teenager in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Elizabeth—mum to my good pals, Bridget and Danny—had a batch of these made one day when I came visiting. I latched on to her apron and begged for her recipe.

Been making them ever since.

Be careful with them. They ARE addictive.

Wood Cake - a children's book

This is the first book I penned, illustrated and self-published. It’s about a tree named Gree who searches the woods for some company he can invite to tea.

It’s comic book-sized for easy book-holding and large type for easy reading.

Download a preview! If you like it, it’s available online. Amazon.

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