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Printable Mini-Zines

Find out how to print and fold your downloaded zine!

Do you feel like paying good money* for these downloads?

Or any amount, really;)

Printable Recipes

These are some seriously tasty recipes, especially the cookies. And look how cute they are! Little characters helping you make stuff to eat—couldn’t you just eat them up yourself? Don’t. That would be cruel.
But—help yourself to these tasty bits!

PDF Kids Book

Wood Cake - a children's book

Wood Cake is the story of an odd tree named Gree who wants to invite some guests to tea. Along the way, he spots a bunch of oddball characters, and tries all kinds of ways to get them to come—instead of just asking.

If tricks aren’t the answer, then what is?
Find out in this goofy, giggly, rhyming, woodsy trip of a story!

This was my first attempt at self-publishing (on Amazon). I pulled it when I started making Hooky, and now it’s only available as a PDF here.

Learn more about the book, peek inside and read reviews here

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