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Gridot Handmade Sketchbooks.

Gridot in 3 colours

Gridot is a sketchbook idea I had before the holidays. I set it up with both dotted and gridded (template) pages, and some encouraging texts inside.
There are both wise words about the standard comic lengths, and how to use the books.

Interior with Dots and Templates

I’ve been using a few prototypes since the holidays, and have to say I am really liking them!

Use them as you wish! I personally like using the dotted pages for thumbnails, texts, doodles and mapping out ideas; and the grids for comics or figuring out artworks. You can use them for practically anything!

As I said before: I make them by hand in my studio.
A5 format. 36 pages. 250gsm cover, 80gsm interior pages. Come in packs of 3.

Get yours in my shop!

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