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Happy Birthday – Feliz Cumpleaños

This book for Capstone was a nice challenge. Illustrate sign language being used in a classroom. I had to come up with a classroom full of characters, show how to sign in a fun and informative way, and learn a bit of Spanish along the way!

For the classroom, I took some tips from the Powerpuff girls—but went a bit more 70s on it.

I had a rugby shirt like this growing up;)

Making the ”Los Colores” poster in the background was a bit of extra fun, too.

Happy Birthday

Check out that fisheye perspective! That might be the only kind of perspective I can kinda pull off;)
This was also one of the first book assignments I had, and I was still hanging onto making works in vectors. There is a bit of line in there, and texture, but all-in-all it’s full on vector. After this, and the book about Hannukah, I was pretty convinced I’d have to give up this kind of illustration—and decided to go back to line work. Besides, I have to say it does look a bit awkward. Anyways—Onwards!

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