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Goes Books. I got my copy— get yours now!

I got my copy! Get yours now! #goesbooks @andsoluke

I stumbled upon Luke Howard-Kruger’s Goes Books the other day. Luke’s doing an experiment with not-for-profit-publishing in order to even the playing field when it comes to publishing and enjoying comics.

*GOES BOOKS is currently a personal experiment, but we hope to find ways to expand this model. One thing we will never do is ask an outside artist to labor for free*

**The following essay comes with no judgements or absolutes about the models artists choose to adapt or have to adapt in order to disseminate their artwork and survive. Everyone is trying their best to figure things out in a landscape that is not particularly gentle or forgiving to the creative spirit**

No financial profit is had in the making or distribution of these books. Money received by GOES BOOKS will be put toward gifting copies of these books to other readers. Any money earned beyond that will be donated to charity.

From the site

I ordered my copy, and am definitely keen to see what’s inside the covers. I admit, I didn’t pay anything. I did it out of curiosity, I like Luke’s work, and it’s tax time—I find myself broke again. Next time, I’ll pay!

I’m also keen to understand how this model works. I’ll have to plow through the lengthy essay on the site to get the jist of the model. As far as I can figure out-just from a quick go-over: someone must be funding the making and sending of these comics in the first place. Punters can pay what they want/can; pay full price; take for free; or pay to gift to someone else. All money goes to mailing and charity. And they’ll pay future artists to contribute…

Interesting to see something new like this!

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