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In the kitchen studio

I’ve been sketching like mad in the kitchen for the past few weeks. First, because I had to: my daughter, Ina was home sick for part of a week, so I doodled when I could. That turned out to be a lot. Amazing how much she can stare at an iPhone.

Then my eldest daughter, Tilja, got a bug and was home for a week. I stayed put.

When everyone was back to health, I didn’t feel well. I pulled my back a bit redecorating the kids bedroom, and then had a little bit of the same bug Tilja had. So… more home office.

I got into a nice routine of setting up the printer, my bag full of files and folders, the light board and my pencils and pens, and then set to sketching while half watching streaming tv shows like:

  • Trust
  • Madam Secretary
  • Kidding
  • Sinner (Season 2)

The days breezed past. I ended up going to the studio, finally, for a day of work and a board meeting, then again just a few days ago to pull a very long day, Wednesday, to meet a deadline Thursday. That knocked me out, so I was back to the kitchen studio before noon and managed to get in my daily spread sketch quota. Pretty handy working from home. Even now—as I sit on the toilet, blogging, listening to Monocle Radio, I can see just how practical it really is.

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