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Inking Doodles, Then and Now

In the not-so-distant-past I would do drawing warm-ups while by absent-mindedly dragging a pencil across a sheet of A4 printing paper while I watch some tv. These papers get put in my satchel (if I’m doodling at home) and I take them to the studio, and place them on a pile with lots of other doodles. 

And there they stay, until a day when I feel like inking something—also for warming up— and I take a doodle and do just that. 

I used to put the page on a lightboard and trace the good bits with a pen, then scan it in and colour in Photoshop. But now that I have an iPad. During these Covid days, I stay home a lot, so I just snap a shot of the page, trace and colour in ProCreate—and it’s done. Maybe too quickly?

I still don’t know exactly why I draw what I draw during these moments. I don’t really like the Veit character in Watchmen, but Jeremy Irons is always fun to watch. So there’s that.

Yeah.. so that’s that little tidbit for ya.

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