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Character for a Hooky No.3 Story

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I’ve had a story about a single father and his kid struggling with a life of salesmanship sketched out for a few summers now. I called it Tonic. At the end of last year, after publishing Hooky No.2, I started re-sketching and inking some of the pages for this story to put in Hooky No.3. I did two things differently (probably wrong) with this comic: 

1. I did not flesh out the characters before sketching. They were very much stick-figures. I knew what sort of characters they were but just hadn’t nailed down their looks.

2. I inked the comic on my iPad without ever trying it before. When I first got this lovely device, I was full of enthusiasm and dove into setting up Tonic on it. It was easy to take snapshots of my sketched roughs, import them into Procreate, and “ink” directly on top of the sketches. Just like a lightboard! 

It may have been too easy. I imagine—had I used paper and pen— I would have stopped myself, seeing the very rough sketch, and getting down to tightening it up with a pencil before wasting ink on it. But this didn’t happen with the iPad. I got caught up in the ease of the thing and my progress on the work. 

I’m a third of the way through it now, and won’t be able to get to any more of it for a few weeks, but I need to go back over my pages and tidy up the inks. The characters don’t look the same all the way through. I want them to be memorable and recognizable.

So, I want a fiercely independent tomboy who is equally at home vacuuming as she is ignoring the world while reading a thick book for the kid’s character. I thought: Jean Seberg, Little My and Joan Jett—in some constellation.

All that to say: That’s what I attempted with that doodle.

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