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Keep It Simple…Luke. Making a Trailer for a Comic.

When I thought about making a video for Hooky, I thought I would have to download the behemoth, Adobe Premier, and set myself the task of learning how to use the thing. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I filmed what I wanted for the trailer, and once I had the raw footage, I went to download Premiere and look up some tutorials. Then I saw Rush. I guess it’s new? Somehow it showed up when I surfed along on Adobe Creative Cloud’s site. Surfed! I watched the info video and downloaded the app afterwards.

Using Adobe Rush and Illustrator, I was able to make it quickly, and with very little fuss. Rush is a breeze to work with, especially since their onboarding is so simple but immensely informative.

The titles were a little restrictive, mostly because I’m not used to them, so I made title cards for the beginning and end in Illustrator, then exported pngs which I imported as-is to the video. The image above the title, for the title card, was made this way. I showed them for a long enough time to make an impression. You can’t stretch photos over time in Rush, so I had to import them to the timeline—multiple times–to cover the duration I wanted.

I also made one title card to superimpose on the film, around the middle, when the magazine lands on the table, and I inform about the contents. Used a transparent PNG for that one. Important to remember to export to the exact same format as the film, I realized, as they can get blurry if scaled up.

Then I uploaded the rendered video to YouTube and Vimeo, using the same descriptive text I used in setting up the title on IngramSpark. Very handy. Then I embedded it on my site with a handy building-block in my WordPress theme: Total.

That’s how I did it. It’s done. Simple.

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