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New site stuff!

New site stuff!

I spent a slow day at home puppy-sitting and trying to do something at all: adding some stuff to my site is was what came of it.

The big image was a doodle I had kept in a folder for about a week. It originally had a kid at a desk in the center, but I switched him out for a doodle of myself. I’m doing a typical thing for me: writing, doodling and wondering what the hell I will do.
I liked using the two colours (pretty Swedish, eh?) and playing with lines and textures.

The other new thing is the logotype. I finally used my balloon-type for something besides thank you notes to people who buy my comics.

I don’t know if I’ll keep it, but right now, it feels sunny and goofy and light. I need that.

Update: It has been a few days now, and I suddenly realize I totally copied JARVIS’ site for this doodle. I could put that in better words, “I was inspired by…” etc, but I’ll admit it was a knockoff. I feel like an ass… but the picture was one of my more popular ones on instagram.

Obviously Jarvis knows what he is doing-unlike myself;)

Back to the drawing board!

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