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Return Of A Square Peg

You may have noticed that this newsletter of mine has been hibernating for the past few years. I think I had lost a reason for doing it.

I think it was a matter of having too much in my head, not knowing what to say about it—or where to say it. Looking at all the noise out there on the social media, I just didn’t see where I fit in.

Then it hit me. I don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a situation or place where I felt like I fit in. I have lived half my life in unfamiliar cities and foreign countries. I was the new kid in schools and then the immigrant in Scandinavia. I’ve always been a “Square Peg” (remember that one? Back when “click” was spelled “clique”), I ought to be used to it by now.

So I decided to get back to my roots.
Be the oddball, and just do whatever it is I like to do. Screw all those daily illustrator challenges like #inktober, #huevember, #drawlloween, #frikkinrobotmonth, #someothersillything. I get the feeling the platforms make them up anyways. I already get challenges: from clients. That’s an excellent relationship: I make something for someone, and they give something back.

Although, when I don’t have work, I do like having a project to put what I make into: like this newsletter, my silly comics, or my own books.
My very first Dispatch was precisely what I had like blogging about in the old days: TV, books, other artists, and then the stuff I made that I wanted to show you. So, instead of strategizing and stressing over what and how to say it with hashtags—I’ll just keep plugging away in your inboxes!

So that’s it from me for now.


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