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Spreading it out

For the past many weeks, I’ve been sketching spreads for a 3 book deal I have due in January. It’s an excellent opportunity to get out there, and perhaps an even better one for me, personally, to get into the habit of getting things done.

With such a significant amount of drawing to be done, on relatively short deadlines, I’ve had to figure out just how much I can produce on a regular day, while still exercising and feeding myself, and taking care of chores. It’s turned out quite well.

Some days are better than others. Some days I don’t feel any energy at all, so I do something to remedy that. Either I chill with a short tv show and a cup of coffee; or, more likely: I’ll watch said tv show while working out to my HIIT app, and then jog on the spot for 30 minutes. That usually energizes me enough to get back to work.

I’ve been better at not avoiding work until the last minute (although, right now I ought to be sketching 10 spreads… what’s wrong with me?!), but, most days, I can still manage to squeeze in my Hooky work.

For example: while scanning the sketches, I might ink a comic page. While I’m Photoshopping, I might colour a page, and if I’m setting up photoshop files to send on to a client, I might place that same comic page in InDesign. Then that’s done. One more bit of clapboard on the tiny house I’m building called Hooky. It’s slow—which I am not used to—but it’s getting there.

That said, I better get back to it!

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