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Stockholm’s International Comics Festival (SIS20) and me.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic, my studiomate Susanne Fredelius suggested I get a table at the comics festival. I didn’t think I was ready, but she said “Sure you are!” Or something like that. So—I got myself organized and applied for a table at the Stockholm International Comics Festival 2020 (SIS20). Not much later, and before I heard back from them about my application, the organizers announced the festival was cancelled—maybe to return in the Autumn.

Just my luck. 

But I figure the time I spent brainstorming ideas for merchandise, prints and other comics was well spent. Besides, I wouldn’t have to stress about making all that stuff, ordering it and waiting for shipments before the show deadline.

Then I got a mail announcing the festival would go digital.

I’m not completely sure what this entails, but I sent in my info for a digital table, and added my wares to their facebook group page.

A day later I sold a comic to an extremely kind comic artist in Göteborg. I hope he’s happy with what he receives in the mail!

If you want to check out what my fellow artists, in Sweden—and from around the world— are up to, check out the links, and please make a visit to my digital table when the festival is online May 15-June 15!

Stockholm’s International Comic Festival 

Susanne Fredelius


(most of the products shown in the illustration do not yet exist)

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