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The the The!

This new track from the The, I WANT 2 BE U, popped up on my Spotify recently, and I got hooked immediately. Same sort of vibe as ”Uncertain Smile”, but more made-at-home-ish.
It brought back all kinds of memories from when that album came out. I was moving from Montreal to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, to venture through my teens without any of my old friends. The The and Matt Johnson kept me company through all that—and the following decades.

Funny fact: I called in to a local radio station to answer a question about what the last track was (it was ”Shaddap You Face“, by Joe Dolce) to win a copy of Uncertain Smile—just before leaving Montreal—and I won!
MuchMusic (Canada’s MTV) started up around the time we arrived in Dartmouth, and I took part in their competition to win the album (Again! why not?)—and I won! I think I still have both albums somewhere…

the The

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