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Wood Cake

Wood Cake is the story of an odd tree named Gree who searches the woods for some company to invite to tea. During his search for tea party guests, he spots all kinds of oddball characters.

Unsure of how to invite them (he’s a tree after all), he tries different ways to trick them into coming to tea. It doesn’t always work for him.

If tricks aren’t the answer, then what is?

Find out in this goofy, giggly rhyming trip of a story!

This was the first project I dove into right after quitting my interactive design companies: Uovo and Tinkatolli. I was still in vector-land making illustrations by sketching in pencil, scanning and then tracing with vector shapes, which I didn’t mind at the time. I let loose my weirdness and allowed myself any flight of fancy for these pages- and there are quite a few threads flapping around in them! It even rhymes! What was I thinking?

At any rate, it got me well tucked into self-publishing, first on Create Space (Amazon) and then Ingram Spark. There may be a few copies of this book out there in the world. I may even have one or two in my studio somewhere, but I think I’ll have another go at this story— and the characters in it— at Ingram, in some form or another.

Amazon wasn’t so fun.


“We loved it! I finished reading it to Lily, then we had to go through and pick our favourite bit (she loved the expectant look on Gree’s face when hoping his plan will still work out—I love Hunny).

Then, when we finished doing that, she ran downstairs to reread it to her Grandpa.

They are now going through picking out their favourite bits… ”

– Claire Robertson and Lily (9yrs) 
Wood Cake interior
Wood Cake interior

“We really enjoyed the fun colourful art — and the writing had a ‘Seussian’ feel to it.”

– Vicki and Mike (grownups) – of Meomi 

“Love the story, love the illustrations. my 8 year old gives it two thumbs up!”

– Julie (Amazon review)

Wood Cake
Luke Séguin-Magee
ISBN: 978-8799803804

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