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Wood Cake - a children's book

Wood Cake

Written and Illustrated by

Wood Cake is the story of an odd tree named Gree who wants to invite some guests to tea. Along the way, he spots a bunch of oddball characters, and tries all kinds of ways to get them to come—instead of just asking.

If tricks aren’t the answer, then what is?
Find out in this goofy, giggly, rhyming, woodsy trip of a story!


“We loved it!”

“We loved it! I finished reading it to Lily, then we had to go through and pick our favourite bit (she loved the expectant look on Gree’s face when hoping his plan will still work out — I love Hunny).

Then, when we finished doing that,
she ran downstairs to reread it to her grandpa.

They are now going through picking out their favourite bits… “

– Claire Robertson and Lily (9yrs) 

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‘5 stars!’ 

“Love the story, love the illustrations. my 8 year old gives it two thumbs up!”

– Julie (Amazon review)

“Tons of wholesome fun!”

– Steven Spatucci (Amazon review)


“We really enjoyed the fun colourful art — and the writing had a ‘Seussian’ feel to it.”

– Vicki and Mike (grownups) – of Meomi 

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